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We believe that practising Polish outside class and getting to know Poland, our culture and people is a great way to help your language development. With this in mind we offer varied and exciting programme of activities and social events.

Lectures on Polish history, literature and film. This is an opportunity to find out the most important facts of over a thousand-year-old Polish history, the most outstanding artists and writers and works of our literature and film.

Guided tours In Cracow and its surroundings there are numerous exciting monuments, interesting museums and picturesque sites. Wawel Castle, Market Square and Wieliczka Salt Mine are the most important of them. Thanks to our guides, you can be certain that you haven't missed anything.

Pub and restaurant evenings with teachers and students studying in our school are the best opportunity to get to know each other better and make new friends.


Barbecues and horse riding. There are many excellent and picturesque places to go for a picnic and horse-riding. We'd love to take you there. If you can't ride a horse, don't worry, we'll teach you.

Meetings with local students. Apart from foreigners learning Polish, a lot of young people are studying English, German, Spanish and Italian in our school. Meeting them is the best chance to get to know each other and to talk about various topics.

Film watching This is an occasion to enjoy Polish cinema and its most significant masters as well as a very effective way of improving listening skills. Students of basic levels can make use of subtitles in English, German or Spanish.


International evenings will let you taste Polish dishes and find out more about our customs and traditions. Also other participants of the courses will present their national dishes and traditions.

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